Fable 6






No. 6        Love

A young maiden could not make up her mind.

Of her suitors there were three who did not bore:  a Centaur and a Unicorn and a Minotaur,

The Minotaur had the head of a bull. The rest was all man. He had a reputation for eating maidens. The maiden worried what their parents might say. The Minotaur changed the subject.

The Centaur was handsome and had the body of a stallion. She dreamed of making little Centaurs.

The Unicorn was also beautiful. From his forehead protruded a horn.

He placed his head on her lap and fell asleep but the horn made her uncomfortable.

Each night was disturbed by dreams. She woke perspiring. She grew pale.

One day the boy next door kissed her on the garden swing. He asked her to marry him.

She did not tell the boy about her dreams.




They quarreled a lot.

One day she admitted she was a mermaid.

They lived equably ever after.


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