Darwin on the Shannon

A Novel from the author of 'The Atlantean Irish' 

"The year is 2030. The Arctic ice has finally melted, sea levels have risen, the river Shannon has become a monster let loose.

 Ahead of an expected tsunami the bereaved, lone sailor Flannery needs to bring his lost love to the relative safety of the sea.


"In Darwin on the Shannon, Bob Quinn takes us on a journey into an all too plausible future. Here is a writer who understands nature in all her beauty and savagery. A touching and compelling tale of survival."

                                                                                                Christine Dwyer Hickey




Fáilte go Conamara



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The newly restored Atlantean films

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"...some form of gnarled, self-conscious, confrontational howl."
The Atlantean Irish


Book & film quartet of films.


The historic connection between Ireland & the Orient


The first episode can now be viewed on 'Dailymotion'



'Kill your Darlings' , a newish novel by Bob Quinn, is now available at Kindle Store.





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