No. 3 Lives




No.3.   LIVES

The starting pistol cracks.


The wheeled snails crawl forward in a strange race.


The winner will be he who finishes last.


A few know the logic of it. They lock their front wheels, stay in a rut.


Leading the field are the punters, the careless, the unpractised, the desperados, the defiant, devil-may-cares, drinkers, smokers, lunatics, shoplifters, boyriders, livers of life, saints and sinners.


Some zigzag to stave off the end. Others collide, laughing. Most are early disqualified, whizzing through the tape, coming first, second third and so on.


The politician leads from the rear. He keeps his head and his seat until his only rivals are time and gravity.


He has a clear field. He presses the pedals, trundles past the winning post.


He collects the cup and follows the rest down into the abyss.



The first shall be last.

And the last shall be first.

(pics &text (c) BQ & S.O'N 2011)

On to 4th frame




Fáilte go Conamara



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