No.4 Evolution







˜The meeting may begin", declared the Owl with a frown

as the Anteater and the Ant sat amicably down.

The Chicken and the Fox were at ease with one another,

The Walrus spoke politely to the Bear as to a brother.

The Goldfish welcomed Plankton, who in turn said howdy doo

To their staple diet, Krill (which was strictly˜entre nous").



All creatures were assembled round a rather stagnant pond,

And acted towards each other in a manner strangely fond.

The Owl blinked and raised a wing for silence so profound

That even the hyenas were quiet on the ground.

˜For much too long,"  she hooted, in accents soft and mild,

˜we've suffered from the creatures known to all as humankind.



˜They've divvied up the planet into three distinctive sites:

˜the rich one and the poor one and the third they all exploit.

˜But they never think we animals have any rights at all,

˜they treat us like we don't exist except in dining halls.

˜Exactly so," they all agreed, although the brown rat sniggered:

"Someone eating me, you say! Well really, I'll be jiggered."



Wise old Owl ignored the jibe at her impassioned flow:

˜They hunt us, kill us, can us, beat us, sometimes just for show,

˜we're doormats, trophies, sheepskin coats and may I say, to boot,

˜our habitats are poisoned by the very same galoots.

˜Its time we flared up, reared up, joined, to get our rightful space,

˜a place that's clean and unpolluted by the human race."



The animals acclaimed the Owl and formed a deputation

to lobby for a sanctuary from the United Nations.

The place they got was free at least from all two-legged enemies,

The Kalahari desert bloomed, it even had anemones!

Until they started squabbling, hot and cold bloods on the boil.

They fought each other tooth and claw o'er tree and lake and soil.


It was a fight unto the death and only few remained:

The brown rat and her family - as always is ordained.


The rats took U.N. well-paid posts, of which were more than several.

The brown rat was herself retained as UN Sec'try General.



pics & text (c) BQ 2011

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