No 13. Hen Party




No. 13 The Hen Party


Fintan the rooster spent his days crowing on a column above the farmyard.


From this perch all was clear. He had solutions. He cock-a-doodled his opinions to his harem of hens.


"Pay attention," he crowed. ˜You don't need to be battery hens. Demand decent living conditions. Protest at the diet that makes you obese. Rise against the bosses. You've nothing to lose but your eggs".


The hens were doubtful. ˜Do something practical," they clucked, ˜Come down from your ivory column and lead us."


˜Alright," he said, and fluttered down, landing in the pigsty. The pigs looked threatening, the farmer was big, the farmer's wife even bigger. They had a lot of friends to call on, plus mean-looking dogs.



Fintan the rooster noticed his feet were muddied. Within five minutes he was back on his column.


The hens sneered at him.


˜We must be objective," he crowed. 'My work is essential. Who else will tell the sun to rise? Cock-adoodle-doo".


The hens turned their backs, clucking something that sounded very like 'chicken!'.




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