No. 12 Invisible








No. 12                        Missing Person


He spends his days searching for the Cheshire cat. He needs lessons in smiling. He also wants advice about invisibility.

Eventually the wife hardly sees him. ˜Must be around somewhere", she says.

His child also does not see him. ˜Ask the others."

No, the rest have not seen him.

˜I know", says the child. "Someone call him on his mobile."  Nobody does.

He has become a something at the back of their minds, a receded presence - a chair, a table, a wall, the washing machine, nothing more than that. Like a friendly ghost, not at all threatening. He is unmissed, has slipped over the edge of their attention.

He feels like a yell in a dream which no-one can hear. He moves imperceptibly as a snail. Take an eye off him and he is gone again to look for the cat.


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No. 13


Fáilte go Conamara



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