No. 14 The Irish Language


One Frame Scenarios



  'The Irish Language'

(obligatory dialogue for new Irish films)


Starring: A Boy, a Girl, a Gun


Close Up Gun: BANG!

CU Boy: Wha! You coulda fcukin kilt me.

CU Girl: I shoulda, you fcuker.

Boy: Don't fcuk with me. Gimme tha.

Girl: You fcukin bastar. Who's tha cnut you were wit?

Boy: Wha cnut?

Gun: BANG!

Boy: For Jays sake!

Girl:  Tell me now, ya bollix.

Boy: Who're ya calling a bollix?

Girl: You, ya fcuker.

Boy:  I'm a fcukin bollix now?

Girl:  Yeh.

Boy: But I love ya.


(They fcuk each other. They fcukin smoke.)


Girl: You're still a wanker.

Boy:  Go an fcuk yerself then.

Gun: BANG!


Girl:  I didn't meentah.


Close-up tears. Repeat until replete. Music under Credits: 'Mise Éire'.



On to reality

Fáilte go Conamara




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