No. 2 Lark








2. A LARK.


The Meadowlark family was training a fledgling.


The newcomer wanted to fly up to the sky. They told her that meadowlarks fly only to forage. She must stay down and learn the dawn chorus.


Her singing was different from others. So each time she went beyond a simple trill, her parents pulled a feather from her wing.


She learned to hop and fly in small circles.


One day she heard the song of her cousin the skylark. She tried to soar into the blue. A few feet up, she flopped down again


Her parents said: ˜You'll frighten the horses. Stay."


She settled on the ground, foraging for grubs.


Her descant notes made a fine addition to the dawn chorus.


She had learned her lesson well: life is too serious for  skylarking.



( pics & text (c) BQ 2011)

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Fáilte go Conamara



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