No. 8.  Wormholes



Once upon a time there was a megalith with a hole in it.


Stone age man carved it to proclaim an everlasting journey through time and space. He knew more about such things than we give him credit for. He knew about wormholes.

One day a physicist paused, peered through the hole.

He remembered a couple clasping hands through it.

The couple had one thought: that their conjoined breath, the animus and soul of all things, might last forever.

They believed in fusion.

The physicist remembered only the pain, the incandescence of love, the particles of fissured lives.

He concentrated on nuclear fission as he walked on, waiting for night and stars and a new revelation.


There still remain more things in heaven and earth, Physicist, than are dreamt of in your equations.


Pic&text © BQ 2011

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