You are invited to view 

The NADA Movement

An exhibition of rock paintings in Conamara

Utah petroglyph

'There were no art dealers in the stone age'

Táin Bó Cuailgne

'Art was not a commodity'

  NADA - Neolithic Anti-Dealer Art



                                                 (Can't be bought, sold or moved...

  ... alas for the dealer.

'Reputations should not be made in the marketplace'

'Saathchi hoodwinked art and artists'






'If this were real and sliced in two in formaldehyde,

it would be saleable art'


2. Rock-a-Doodle

'Painting was once shamanic'



3. Paul Henry on the rocks

'Now it is a lucrative confidence trick'


 4. Rock of Ageing

                  'Painting once told the truth'






            'Now it is a portable deceit'                         

7. Matisse fossil

'Neolithic art was not portable'



9.Atomic Mirrortree

10. Picasso rocks again


11. Angels and Theologians.


12. The fairy at the bottom of my gardener


13. Quaternerain

14. NSE & West

15. Eirí na Gréine

16.Winter Rowan

17. Phéileachán


                 20. Cat among the pigeons

21. Predatory dove

22. Phéileachán 2

The NADA rocks (painted and photographed by Bob Quinn) are to be seen at Tuairín, Béal an Daingin, Conamara.

Homage to Bourke



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Fáilte go Conamara



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Neolithic Anti-Dealer Art
(can't be bought, sold or moved)
"...some form of gnarled, self-conscious, confrontational howl."
The Atlantean Irish


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