The New Poití­n -
Digitally remastered, 35mm version (2007), with music specially composed by Bill Whelan.
This is the classic Irish film made in Conamara in 1978 (65 mins, col.).
PLUS 11th Hour interview with the Director
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The script (based on a short story by Colm Bairéad) won the first ever film script award presented by the Irish Arts Council. It is a sometimes hilarious, but fundamentally grim, story of two poteen agents who steal their confiscated goods back from the Gardaí and cheat the elderly poteen-maker of his share of the money.



"I was reminded of John Millington
Synges plays, particularly The Playboy of the Western World in some of the scenes"
- Martin Dowle, Edinburgh Festival


Comments received after first TV showing on St.Patricks Day, 1979:
"Disgraceful and disgusting"
"It's a national disgrace"
"It's a direct insult. St. Patrick was a decent man"
"Disgraceful that visitors should see that film. No one should tolerate that"
"You have no sense of decency. That film was not suitable for family viewing"
"What part of Connemara was it filmed in?"
The film was subsequently awarded an educational certificate for secondary school students by the Minister for Education.




Fáilte go Conamara



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