Whats to be Done?




No. 16.                      WHATS TO BE DONE?


When rich men rob, apparatchiks complain


that they are also feeling the pain


and media yappers loudly bewail


the fact that justice does not prevail,


there's a major tag to their sorry tale:


smooth talkers never go to jail.



Down in the gutter where morals are dead


And mothers are lifted for pinching some bread


and children are drugged and the righteous prevail


being only concerned that there’s coke for sale


answer me this and answer me plain:


Which of these villains go to jail?



Oh bring back the birch and the stocks and the shame


For the white-collared yobbos who’re really to blame.


The bankers, the lawyers, respectable classes


Who count their fat fees and sit on their asses.


Lets first hear these suitmen suffer real pain


Then send ALL the smooth-talking shysters to jail.


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